What's Next? FAQ​

I’m worried about separation issues with my child. How can your service help?


We realise leaving your child of any age can be stressful and upsetting for your child and yourself. We have many varied ways of helping with separation anxiety, starting with orientation for you and your child, which allows you to meet the educators before care commences. Your child will receive tailored help with settling once they commence at Busselton Early Education because we are very conscious that each child and parent reacts differently with the separation and settling- in phase. You are encouraged and most welcome to stay and play, telephone any time throughout the day, and engage in your child’s day when you are here.

​What if my child has additional needs?

If you are concerned about your child’s development or your child has additional needs, please contact our Centre Coordinator and the Room Leader of your child’s room and discuss your child’s individual needs and how we can best accommodate them.


Do you provide a school readiness program?

Yes, our Busy bees program provides an extensive school readiness program for children aged 3-4 years based on the National Early Years Learning Framework. At Busselton Early Education - Bee centre, we aim to guide your child in becoming an effective learner through creating an environment that is inspiring and thought-provoking. The overall aim of our programs is to help your child in developing all areas necessary for success now and in the years to come.

How can I help my child prepare for school?

  • Some simple activities that you can do to help your child get ready for school are:

  • Read to your child and use books as a pleasurable daily shared activity.

  • Make everyday things an exploration of language – ask the child questions, listen carefully to their answers, and encourage the child to ask why.

  • Encourage your child’s natural curiosity – do different things with them, encourage them to try different ways of doing things. Make a walk in the park a nature tour.

  • Encourage your child to learn to dress and undress independently, and to use the toilet appropriately.

  • Make sure your child has crayons and pencils and a supply of paper to draw and write on, and always praise their efforts.

  • Encourage your child to mix with other children in different supervised activities so they learn to socialise with their peers, take turns and share their toys and books.​

Will I receive any written information about my child’s progress?

Yes. Staff plan, document and evaluate each child’s learning and development. Through careful observations staff compile detailed records of your child’s strengths, interests, developmental and educational information. This program is a ‘living document’ that embraces the concepts of Belonging, Being and Becoming from the Early Years Learning Framework. Families and educators work together to enhance learning opportunities for children. Each child’s information is documented in our programming software that each parent has access to. This gives daily updates, photos, and more detailed programming information.

How do I know what my child did all day?

Information regarding your child’s day will be documented daily for you to view through a variety of means, the most readily through our software app which is accessible 24/7 to our families. Information includes details of sleeping habits, toilet practices, child’s response to the day and any health and safety issues that may have arisen. Our Educators will also speak with you informally when you collect your child or through phone calls if any issues arise during the day. Documentation regarding the daily program is available for viewing in each room via our learning diary. We encourage parent feedback regarding your child’s current interests and skills and endeavour to include this within our programs.