About Us

Busselton Early Education or Bee is located at 39 Carey St Busselton.

We are a local family owned business, being operational since 2004 with a strong commitment to professional early childhood education. 

Deb Bradbury is Qualified Early Childhood teacher with over 35 years in the early childhood industry, together with husband Anthony they manage their team of dedicated qualified Early Childhood teachers and Educators. 

Bee has consistently held a sound reputation for the quality service they provide and leading performance in Early Childhood Education. We provide a high quality, safe and nurturing environment that supports the individual needs of children, families, and our team, whilst recognising that all early experiences of play in a child’s life have a direct influence on their overall development.

Bee offer a developmentally appropriate program for all stages of early childhood where each child is respected and guided through their learning journey, including a range of programs for the 0-3yrs. This is where we aim to tailor to your family requirements, settling into the services environment. These years are the fundamental development years, where a focus on each child’s milestones of learning you can trust that your child’s needs will be addressed in consultation with you always.

Our Busy Bees pre-kindy program is tailored for your child’s preparation for school, so if you would like less pressure on your schedule, with your child still learning under the early years learning framework curriculum with EC teachers, with meals provided and Child Care Subsidy as a bonus then this is for you. 

Our focus is consistently on an emphasis on providing quality service, this involves in-service and training opportunities for all our team to upskill, refresh and/or update. We see this as an important part of our team’s professional reflection.

​Recently relocating to our new purpose built centre on a large site in Carey St Busselton from the busy Albert St which offers a much more calming natural environment, away from the ever-increasing traffic in town.

Bee educators work with children to enhance their social skills forming relationships, their self-help skills encouraging independence, in preparation for larger group settings we support the child’s understanding of listening skills, taking turns, using manners, and sharing as we encourage respect of others. This coupled with their early literacy and numeracy development offers them in good stead for school entry. 

Working in partnership with our families Bee offers an online documentation where each parent can view their child’s learning which assists the link between your day and your child’s day. At Bee we aim to share as many experiences as we can with you and welcome all feedback and/or comments.