Starting out looking for childcare can raise many questions!


Here are some of the regular questions answered about our Early Childhood Education at Bee

1. What opportunity do parents have to visit our centres?


We have an open-door policy to families. You can introduce yourself to our Centre Coordinator and she will arrange a tour and play visit for you and your child. 

On accepting an enrolment offer, parents will be provided with information as to their expected start date and the orientation of your family into our environment. 

During your orientation visit you will be introduced to the educators who will be caring for your child and provide you with information as to the curriculum and program offered in that learning environment. Parents are encouraged to provide us with information about their child, what their special interests are. 

2. What if my child is upset on the first day?

On the first day at Bee we encourage parents to spend some time involving your child into an activity or settle with an educator. When it comes time to leave, your child’s educator will support you with saying goodbye and re-assure your little one that you will be back later to collect them. Please be assured that most children settle in a short time frame. Feel free to call us throughout the day to see how your child has settled. 


3. You are open for long hours how do you ensure quality and safety for my child?


This is of high importance to us and has a qualified educator present from open to close every day. Each of our educators hold senior first aid, Anaphylaxis, Asthma training and are Allergy aware. 

4. How quickly do you expect children to settle in?

 All children adjust differently to the new routine of Early Education and the physical environment. This will vary depending on each individual child, however we expect most children to settle into Bee within the first fortnight. Whatever the situation, we at Bee do not allow children to become distressed for a long period and will notify you if required. 

5. How does the school readiness program prepare children for school?


Bee is committed to providing children with the best possible start to their education and preparing the children for their transition into the school environment as smooth as possible. 

In our Busy bee programs, we provide activities to foster each child’s school readiness, including: 

• Supporting independence and responsibility for own belongings

• Valuing children’s input into the program and the things they want to learn about

• Focus on social skills such as sharing, co-operating, negotiating, listening, and working together as a group

• Extended opportunities for exploration and discovery

• Developing the literacy and numeracy foundations for future learning.

• Encouraging decision making and thinking processes through meaningful teacher questions and support


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6. How are children allocated into groups at Bee?


At Bee children are grouped into rooms per their age to ensure they are provided with the best opportunity to develop alongside their peers. Once they reach an appropriate age, your child may be transitioned to a new group depending on their readiness to cope, family needs and available spaces. You will be consulted on any proposed change in groups for your child. Siblings can connect throughout the day. 

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